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Women In Nuclear Europe is an association founded under French law, with its headquarters in Paris. It brings together female professionals working in the many applications of nuclear sciences and technologies such as energy, medicine, biology, agriculture, hydrology, environment, physics and chemistry research.

The association was created in Budapest on October 2, 2010. WiN Europe aims to play an active role particularly at the European level. Its founding members are WiN IAEA, WIN Finland, WIN France, WIN Germany, WIN Hungary, WIN Romania, WIN Slovenia, WiN Sweden and WiN Switzerland, representing a total of 1200 members, and the association is eager to welcome new members.

WiN Europe has been officially launched, the 13th of February in Brussels. At that time two new members have joined WiN Europe: Bulgaria and Spain.

The members of WiN Europe have individually and collectively engaged in various initiatives to fulfil these objectives.

WiN Europe is a part of the international network of WiN Global ( which has some4000 members from 80 countries.

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