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Mentorship is an excellent way of encouraging and supporting young fellows, men and women, who are either starting a professional life in the nuclear field or studying to obtain the necessary academic degree. WiN Europe offers a unique community of professionals all over Europe covering a wide range of expertise and careers and aims to set up an intra-European mentorship program.
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For children, parents, teachers ...

Sharing experience

A crossborder experience: WiN Germany and WiN Sweden

  • Since 2009, WiN Germany and WiN sweeden have organizes Cross boarder seminars.
  • In April 2009, 2 days seminar in Sweden sponsored by Vattenfall, on "Opinion and Communication" with visit of NPP Forsmark and nuclear waste repository SFR
  • In September 2010. 2 days seminar hosted by Vattenfall Europe Nuclear Energy in Germany, on Education and Mentoring, Visit of Krummel NPP





You are here: Activities