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The situation in Fukushima is moving day after day.

On site where technical difficulties appear and solutions are to be found. The works to improve the situation is on the way, such has covering the damaged reactors.

International survey leaded by IAEA has been conducted . The Japanese authorithies have published recently a report giving some answers to the questions raised

Everywhere in the world, the autorithies and operators are conducting reviews and so called “stress test” in order to decide what is to be done for improving the safety on a case by case basis.

It will take time to draw all lessons from that major accident.
Win Europe is preparing a comprehensive dossier.

Meanwhile we have prepared some information to help you to keep informed on the evolution of the situation.

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The EU commission launches a contest for women innovators

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The European Commission is launching a new contest to reward women innovators who have achieved outstanding innovations and brought them to market.

The EU Prizes for Women Innovators aim to raise public awareness on the needs for more innovation and more women entrepreneurs.

Three women, who were at some point during their careers beneficiaries of projects under the RTD Framework Programmes or the Competitive and Innovation Framework Programme, will be rewarded for their accomplishments. An independent panel of judges from business and academia will examine and select the winners. The first will get €100.000, second €50.000, third prize is €25.000.

The deadline for application is 20 September 2011.

The award ceremony will take place on 5 December 2011 at the Innovation Convention organised by the European Commission in Brussels.

You can find more information and participation forms at

Welcome to WiN Europe website!

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Women in Nuclear (WiN) Europe is pleased to announce the launch of its new website.

WiN Europe gathers together women professionals working in all fields of application of nuclear techniques and sciences (energy, medicine, biology, art, agriculture, spatial exploration).

Boosted by the cohesion and dynamism of its members, WiN Europe is ready to raise the challenge and has embarked on a program of actions that will contribute to the safe and sustainable development of the nuclear sector.

WiN Europe is part of the WiN Global network which counts some 3400 members in 80 countries.

The website offers rich content already including a description of our activities and members, past events, conference reports, links for information related to nuclear energy issues and much more to come soon!

We invite you to visit today.

European Conference in Brussels

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Memorandum on representing WiN Hungary and WiN Europe at the European Conference organised by  Confrontations Europe at the premises of University Foundation, Brussels on 27 June 2011, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Conference title: Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, the Czech Republic...The economic issues of a shared nuclear safety in Europe

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NESTet report

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by Annick Carnino and Sophie Prévot

NESTet is a European Nuclear Society (ENS) conference dedicated to networking in nuclear education and training across the fields of engineering, science and technology. It took place from 15. – 18. May 2011 in Prague. This biennial conference is designed to facilitate an exchange of information, collaboration and the sharing of best practices in nuclear education and training in engineering science and technology. It is an important networking opportunity for better co-ordination and collaboration between different stakeholders.


Situation in Japan

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On behalf of all WiN Europe members Dominique Mouillot have sent a letter to WiN Japan to say her deepest concern on the occasion of the dramatic events occured in Japan.

We express our condolences to those who have lost a loved one.

WiN Japan can count on the support of WiN Europe.



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WiN Global - Varna  (June 2011)

Executive and Board meeting

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After the launching, WiN Spain and WiN Bulgaria have expressed their desire to join WiN Europe. A warm welcome is extended to their president. WiN Spain and WiN Bulgaria are approved to become full members of WiN Europe.

WiN Europe official launch

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On Sunday February 13th 2011 the association Women In Nuclear (WiN) Europe, was officially launched in Brussels at the opening of the annual PIME Congress organized by the European Nuclear Society (ENS).More than 170 people attended this event under the presidency of Dominique MOUILLOT, President of WiN Europe.


WiN Europe was founded

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The association Women In Nuclear (WiN) Europe was created in Budapest on October 2nd 2010. It now regroups chapters from 11 European countries or institutions: Bulgaria, IAEA, Finland, France, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.

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