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WiN IAEA Members

The WiN IAEA Chapter was established in 1998. Former IAEA Director General Hans Blix was one of the founding members.

The Chapter currently has about 80 members.

IAEA Chapter members are also members of WiN Global.

Activities include regular meetings and educational and training sessions. Members have opportunities for networking and information exchange. WiN IAEA also organizes outreach activities.

For example, it has been one of the organizers of Daughters' Day at the VIC. WiN IAEA members have served as judges during science fairs at schools, encouraging young girls to take up scientific studies. Through its network with WiN members around the world, WiN IAEA encourages qualified women to apply for posts at the IAEA, in order to increase the number of women working at the IAEA, which is currently around 23% of the professional staff.


WiN IAEA Executive Committee

The current WiN IAEA President is Eva Gyane.  She is supported by two Vice-President Elena Buglova and Gabriele Voigt and an Executive Committee, consisting of Secretariat and Membership (Janette Donner, Karen Edge and Yana Feldman), Mentoring (Maria Teresa Salichs and Gabriele Voigt), Education and Events: (Susan Cohen-Unger, Naida Dzigal and Snezana Konecni), Communication-Web (Monika Adamczyk and Holli Klein), Communication-oOutreach (Lisa Berthelot and Jessica Callen) and the Treasurer (Ms Monica Sbaffoni).

WiN IAEA is working on increasing the benefits to its members by offering opportunities for personal and professional development, enhancing leadership qualities and offering networking opportunities with other professionals from various sectors of nuclear science and technology. To know more on Win IAEA please refer to the newsletter which is issued on a regular basis.

The IAEA Chapter of WiN Global is housed at the IAEA Headquarters in the Vienna International Centre (VIC) near the Danube River. 



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