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altWiN Switzerland was founded as an association under Swiss law in 1995. It is a Network of women and men working in the nuclear field and willing to communicate open and transparent about their work. Today WiN Switzerland has over 60 members working in the nuclear field: in the Power industry, nuclear research, Radioprotection, Medicine, Politics or Authorities and federations.

WHY do we need WIN?

The push-button society lacks understanding: Technology is consumed and no longer understood. This leads to uncertainty and insecurity. This is especially true in the field of nuclear energy: If people cannot identify with nuclear power, they might well identify with the men and women operating nuclear power stations. These men and women can better be trusted than machines. The employees working within the nuclear industry are the best communicators. They have to be motivated to listen to the public, especially women, understand and accept their fears and discuss
nuclear energy in everyday, understandable language.

Reason and emotion in the discussion of nuclear energy

The "pros" and "cons" must be discussed not only rationally, but on three different levels:

  • the technical and scientific level
  • the economical level
  • the level of ethical values and emotions.

The goal of an effective communication is a balanced integration of emotion and reason in the information of people by people. We need simple messages.
The key concept is: never to communicate anything without a human aspect. Women identify with women. Women understand the fears expressed by women. Women also use a different language.

The main objectives of WiN Switzerland are

  • Creating a network which allows its members to have an open dialogue especially among women. WiN members exchange information about professional topics or challenges.
  • The members want to stimulate the discussion around nuclear energy inside or outside the association aiming to familiarize women with facts and figures around nuclear technology and energy policy. After the accident in Fukushima this has become even more important.

We are looking forward to your questions: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

WHO is part of WIN Switzerland?

Most of WiN Switzerland's members are working in the 5 Swiss nuclear Power plants or research institutions.

Dr. Helena Loner has been recently elected President. The previous President Irene Aegerter has whished to pass the presidency to young generation.

Here is the link to the webpage of WiN Switzerland:


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