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Who we are

WiN Spain was founded in 1995, and is a member of WiN Global since 1996 and of WiN Europe since February 2011.

WiN Spain is now a experienced group made up of more than 60 women whose professional activity is related to Nuclear Technology, Ionizing Radiations and Communication Techniques in Nuclear.  In addition to that, WiN Spain belongs to the Spanish Nuclear Society as a Committee.

Our aim and objectives

The aim of WiN Spain is “To share information about uses and applications of Nuclear Energy and Ionizing Radiations, as well as about any subject related to Nuclear Technology, with institutions and general public”.

The objectives of WiN Spain are the following:

  • To communicate with the public, especially women, about Nuclear Technology and its benefits, creating a collaborative environment with other groups with the same aim
  • To promote knowledge transfer through regular meetings of its members and with the rest of WiN Chapters
  • To promote technical and scientific degrees between young people, especially women
  • To foster women participation in the nuclear sector 

Our Activities

WiN Spain concentrate almost all its efforts to improve public acceptance of Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Applications with regular activities, conferences and presence in the mass media.

WiN Spain organizes every year, during the Annual Conference of the Spanish Nuclear Society, an activity devoted to the members of the Companions Program, who are mostly women. The aim of this activity, that is traditionally a conference about some subject related to nuclear technology or energy is to help them to better understand different aspects of Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Technologies.

Furthermore, WiN Spain actively participate in Communications Committee of the Spanish Nuclear Society. This Committee has been created to pay special attention to the mass media, and the objective is to get opportunities for the professionals in the nuclear field to express themselves in different means of communication, in order to express clear ideas about nuclear.

Apart from that, WiN Spain is always ready to answer questions about Nuclear Energy from journalists, to participate in radio and TV programs in order to resolve technical matters about the subject, as well as to prepare and participate in different conferences and meetings in order to inform the public about different aspects of Nuclear Technology.


WiN Spain will be soon in the World Wide Web and in the Social Media.

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