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In the beginning of May 2011, a round table on the draft Directive on Radwaste Management was organized by the Alfa Section, Slovenian Radwaste Management Agency and EU parliamentary dr. Romana Jordan Cizelj. The objective was to inform about the directive and to collect the variety of proposals and views. The interest for the event was high: about 50 attendants, mostly nuclear experts but also representatives of NGOs and media.

Win Slovenia equals the Alfa Section which is a feminine part of the Nuclear Society of Slovenia (NSS). The Alfa Section was founded in Ljubljana in March 2003. Its members are mostly, but not exclusively female experts working in the field of nuclear and radiation safety. Nowadays, around 30 are active in it.

The Alfa Section was established with an intention to:

  • disseminate correct information on development and achievements of nuclear profession and on nuclear safety and peaceful use of ionising radiation to the public
  • maintain organizational support to experts including knowledge management.

The Alfa Section is very active in the NSS and organizes yearly presentation for public on different interesting or controversial topics from nuclear technology field in order to popularize these topics and to address concerns. For members, regular meetings and round tables on the challenges in the nuclear technology field are organized in order to exchange information and to confront different views within experts.

It cooperates with so called Informal Network of Slovenian Female Physicists ( which now incorporates more than 100 women working in different areas in physics (researchers, professors, industry employments and officials in governmental organizations). It is also open to all experts outside Slovenia. The president of The Alfa Section is Dr. Nadja Zeleznik.

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