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Currently, WIN Romania Chapter has 165 members.
As an ongoing concern, WIN members aim effective, open and honest communication with the public, everything from a human perspective. Effective communication is a balanced integration of emotions and reasons of people's information by people at three different levels: ethical values and emotions, economic, scientific and technical.


In the winter of 1993, the communicators in the nuclear-PIME congress, held in the resort of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, formed an initiative group composed by Irene Aegerter, Agneta Rising, Patricia Braint along with a number of participants to this event, have founded an organization that has to play an important role in the following years of the nuclear lobby - Women in Nuclear (WiN).


An important fact to note is that among its founding members was also a representative of the Romanian nuclear power.
The proposal for establishment of a WIN organization was presented in Romania, initially to CITON -Subsidiary of Technology and Engineering for  Nuclear Projects - Bucharest (and called ISPE-ON at that time) and so in 1993 WIN Romania was founded 
The first members that signed the adhesions were from CITON, IFIN -National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, then ICN - Institute for Nuclear Research- Pitesti and gradually some female employees of the former RENEL -Regie Autonomous for National Power.


Since its founding, WIN Romania organization was concerned to promote nuclear energy, growing up within Romanian Association "Nuclear Energy" -AREN.
An important step in development of WiN Romania organization was played by the regional seminar held in the spring of 1999 in Bucharest, attended besides representatives WiN in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary by members of the WIN global Committee at that time: Agent Rising-Chair, Irene Aegerter-first president of WiN, and Linda Gunther and Lyudmila Zoltan-Kiss . The seminar has a wide participation of Romanian ladies, representing institutions acting in nuclear area and number of them has joined the group WiN Romania.

In Romania, there have been organized numbers of various actions supported by WIN members, such as attendance at SIEN and ICN Pitesti conferences, with presentations regarding training, development and communication.
Activities of WIN Romania Chapter include various actions dedicated to both the younger generation and female specialists in the nuclear field.
WIN Romania is involved in the organization of the drawings and essays contest "Alexandru Ene", dedicated to talented children, reached in 2011at the fifteenth edition of the International Symposium on Nuclear Energy (SIEN).
Our organization is also involved in organizing  presentations and trainings for students and teachers participants at seminars initiated by AREN under the theme of "Nuclear Power and energy mix", intending to inform young  generation about nuclear energy applications, to clarify a number of false myths and to complete notions offered by specialized textbooks in schools, seminars organized for female students, health professionals  representing  academia, etc.
Latest editions of the International Symposium on Nuclear Energy-SIEN entailed organizing specialized workshops  by WIN Romania with international participation.




WiN Romania Chapter got involved in promoting the project Cernavoda NPP - Units 3 and 4 by sending a "Message of support for completion of two units" during the second event dedicated to Romanian and Bulgarian MEPs organized by FORATOM , at Strasbourg, on 20 February 2008.

WiN Romania evolution

Year 2010 marked a turning point in the destiny and aspirations of WIN Romania. In October 2010, WIN Romania Chapter has signed, as founding member, the document establishing foundation of WIN Europe, starting in the same period, the process for establishment of the Association WOMEN IN NUCLEAR Romania. Currently, it runs the last formalities for registration of Association WIN Romania as an independent organization with legal personality.


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