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Who are we ?

WiN Hungary is an open association of women working in the nuclear industry or with ionizing radiation. Recent number of members is 35 and growing. It operates as a section of the Hungarian Nuclear Society since 1994. It is the Hungarian chapter of WiN Global and a founding member of WiN Europe.

Our objectives

To communicate in a very unique way to the public regarding nuclear activities on the following subjects:

  • Radiation has been part of life since the beginning.
  • The nuclear industry protects the environment in its every endeavor.
  • Nuclear energy has to play a vital role in fulfilling the energy demand of the future.
  • Nuclear energy has its risks but the operators take their responsibility seriously and apply the strictest safety policy.
  • The aim of the international nuclear cooperation is to enhance safety by sharing best practices and through open communication.
  • Safety is not just a technical, but an emotional issue as well. The human factor is an important component of safety because people need to feel safe.

To help the promotion of the Hungarian nuclear sector.

To share experience with WiN Europe and WiN Global.

Our actions

The aims of our actions are the following:

  • to establish dialogue with general public, especially with women.
  • to show a real and down-to-earth picture of nuclear energy and its effects on the environment.
  • to help build up trust towards nuclear energy.
  • to work together with organizations of similar interests and aims.

Some examples of our actions:

  • „Nuclear physics can be fun!” quiz for students of a local technical college (Paks)
  • Leó Szilárd competition on physics for students of local schools and technical college (Paks).
    The winners of the competition had a chance to spend one whole day in Paks NPP and to visit main facilities of the plant.
  • Nuclear summer camp for schoolchildren and students (Göd)
  • Educational lecture „From atoms to stars” for general public about „one Nobel Prize winner family” – Curie.
  • Participation in the Health Park Festival in Budapest (WiN booth with information on WiN activity and Paks NPP, informal discussions, quiz)
  • Participation in the Water, Flowers and Music Festival inTata town (informal forum and discussing on nuclear energy safety issues, importance of NPPs for environmental protection, quiz for visitors)
  • Participation in the International Gastroblues Festival in Paks (Team-building outdoors meeting with members having a good time, campfire cooking, informal communication)

Web site

WiN Hungary has its own web-site:

The website content is continuously updated.


e-mail: Kiss Zoltánné, Milla
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