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Who are we ?

  • Forming an integral and transversal part of the French Society of Nuclear Energy (SFEN) the Win France organisation is a network which assembles women working in all fields of application of nuclear sciences and techniques (energy production, space exploration, medicine, biology, art, the agricultural and food-processing industries…).
  • The Win France organisation is doted with both a national and regional structures.
  • Win France belongs to the international network of WiN Global, represented in more than 65 countries.

Our objectives

To provide the best possible responses to the challenges with which the French Nuclear Sector is currently confronted by developing a complete panoply of measures and actions destined to render scientific and technical careers more attractive to young people and in particular to female high school and university students

  • By promoting nuclear careers and professions and demonstrating their accessibility to women
  • In facilitating access to a first employment in the nuclear sector
  • By contributing to the development of diversity and equal opportunities in nuclear professions

To communicate to different publics and to various opinion-leading organisations on the strong advantages proposed by nuclear energy.

Our actions

  • Active participation in career and job forums organised by various institutional and educational actors  (Prestigious Schools, Universities, rectories, chambers of Commerce, Employer associations, …) at national and regional levels.
  • Provision to students of the possibility to obtain work placements in companies and research centres in France and abroad through the WiN Global network
  • Tutorship of young graduates and counselling services for first employment research and recruitment interviews
  • Organisation of regional “Employment in the Nuclear Sector” events in collaboration with companies in the field
  • Service of information and interactive communication for young women and female students concerning career opportunities offered by the nuclear sector through the creation of a web site : 
  • Organisation of conferences in the various regions to present the array of nuclear applications and to contribute to the debate concerning the role of nuclear energy in the “energy mix” of today and the future


Our Partners

  • Win France has developed many partnerships with companies operating in the sector, and with institutions and associations which have at heart the same objectives concerning the employment and information of young women.
  • Win France develops its actions in co-operation with the other transversal groups of the SFEN, and in particular with the “Young Generation” club.
  • Win France remains in constant contact with the international institutions



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