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altWomen in Nuclear Finland (WiN) - Energy Channel (Energiakanava) was established in 1990. We act as a working group of the Finnish Nuclear Society.

Our aim is to promote and educate people on energy issues and radiation based on scientifically viable facts.

We want to fairly inform about the pros and cons of nuclear energy and demystify unjust misconceptions.

We primary target women of all ages and backgrounds.

 WiN Finland consists of 89 active women of different ages and professional backgrounds. All of us have have personal experince in working with nuclear power and/or radiation. We are happy to provide You information about:

  • radiation and radioactivity
  • radiation in medicine
  • radiation protection
  • energy production and electricity
  • energy and the environment
  • nuclear power plants and nuclear safety issues
  • nuclear waste


  • Radiating Women - annual seminar for decision makers on current topics on radiation and/or energy
  • Radiating Women - newspaper based on seminar topics
  • 3-4 member educational meetings annually
  • "Energiakanava 20 years" - project


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