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Fem’Energia Award 2011

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The first award for a young professional working in Europe was given to Julie Krskova from Czech republic. She is 30 years old. She is safety supervisor during fuel manipulation at NPP Dukovany. This year she starts a PhD studies.
What is Fem’Energia award?
The Fem'Energia Award have been created three years ago jointly by EDF and WiN France to encourage and support women who are involved or want to involve themselves in the nuclear sector..
Candidates may apply to different categories going from professional bachelors up to women in activity. To now more (
Considering that this kind of action is deeply corresponding to one of its objectives, WiN Europe board was very happy to have the opportunity to join this award in 2011.
From left to right: S. Prevot, A. Carnino, I. Aegerter, D. Moullot, AM Birac, J. Krskova, C. Bucur, M. Dicheva

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You are here: News Fem’Energia Award 2011