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WiN Spain Conference in Jarandilla de la Vera

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On november the 4th 2011, WiN Spain organized a conference with the help of Areva and of Almaraz NNP in a little town named Jarandilla de la Vera close to the Almaraz plant. The aim was to meet the neighbours and that experts answer to every kind of questions from very basic ones to more controversial ones. 

“How often do you check a NPP?”
“We saw it in Fukushima: nuclear reactors can blow up!!”
“How much does the local administration earn due to the fact that there is a NPP located in its area?”
“MOX fuel is really dangerous because uranium and plutonium goes separately!”
Etc, etc…

Questions, doubts, false statements which are easy to answer, clarify and take to pieces that prevent the nuclear industry from approaching general public. Then, why don’t we answer, clarify and take to pieces all those points?... maybe because you need to be in the right place at the right moment, and so WiN España did last November 4th. With the help of AREVA and Almaraz NPP, we chose a little town close to this plant in Extremadura, Spain. The plant is like an unknown neighbor so they have a lot of questions and fears. WiN-Spain took to Jarandilla de la Vera, which is the name of the village, some brave and brilliant people who were willing to give as much answers as it was possible:

  • María Isabel Gómez Bernal, WIN-Spain President.
    Topic :  What’s Nuclear Energy?
  • Ana Palacio, Spanish former Secretary of State (Foreing Secretary) and Vice-President (Deputy Chairwoman) of AREVA.
    Topic :  NPPs in the Spanish Energy Policy
  • Jose Mª Bernaldo de Quirós, Almaraz NPP Managing Director
    Topic:   Almaraz NPP
  • Fernando Micó, AREVA-Madrid Vice-President.
    Topic:  ¿What happened at Fukushima?
  • Ignacio Araluce, WANO-Paris Managing Director
    Topic:  Safety of Spanish NPPs
  • José Carlos Antoranz, Professor of Medical Physics , Distance Education National University - U.N.E.D.
    Topic:  Nuclear radiations Affairs

The agenda was designed to cover from the most basic points to the most controversial ones, as why renewable energies cannot provide power enough for all us nowadays.

The City Council friendly let us use the House of Culture as venue, and the attendance was wonderful.  Many supporters of the ecology groups in the area went to the conference. Even if they hadn’t gone, most of the public would have been rather against the nuclear energy and the Almaraz NPP located near their homes. And that is the best thing! They went and listened to us anyway!

The speakers did not avoid any question, comment or remark, they were open and honest, just as a WiN is, and that’s was the trick: the people in Jarandilla, especially ecology groups members, were not totally convinced about every single point at the end of the day, of course, but after the conference we are almost 100% sure about the fact that trust us much more now. They have been able to prove that people in nuclear industry are competent, reliable and nice and normal people after all so they feel more confortable now… can you think of a better result?... The conference in Jarandilla was a success, without a doubt and WiN-Spain members are ready for the next conference in a town near a NNP.


Members of ecology groups at the entrance to the conference
with WiN Spain vice-president, Marisa Gonzalez



Three of the speakers during the conference: Maribel Gómez, WiN Spain President (left), Ana Palacio, former Secretary of State (center)
and Jose Maria Bernaldo de Quirós, Almaraz NPP Manager



The audience during the conference

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