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WiN Europe at PIME 2012

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PIME is the most popular international conference on communication in the nuclear community.

It is organized by ENS.
This year it took place in Warsaw.
WiN Europe was highly involved in this event.

1/ WiN Workshop

WiN-Europe was in charge of organizing the WiN workshop. This has been done under the leadership of Annick Carnino.

The aim was to give communicators simple answers about questions which are seldom addressed by communicators: nuclear safety and nuclear law. Two speeches were given in order to deliver basic information to the participants on theses two issues which have to be explained to the public "the basics of nuclear safety" (Annick Carnino, former director of the division of nuclear safety, IAEA) and "the legal framework of nuclear activities" (Ximena Vasquez-Maignan, Senior legal adviser, OECD Nyclear Energy agency).
After this introduction the audience worked on a set of questions.
The recommendations drowned from this workshop were presented in plenary session.

Everyone agreed that

  • There is a real lack in knowledge among the communicant society on those topics and that communication tools are needed.
  • Two main communication axis should be:
    • What is the in depth defense concept
    • How nuclear legal regulation protects each people?

Sophie Prevot, Annick Carnino, Ximena Vasquez-Maignan

2/ PIME Award

WiN France was one of the five nominees for the Pime award with the educational KiT) over fourteen candidates. On this occasion the quiz prepared using the game cards was presented on line. (PIME 2012 WiN France Award presentation)
The participants were very impressed by the work done and we had a lot of contact and questions initiated by these tools.

WiN France both:  Annie Wallet and Sophie Prevot

Our Educationnal Tool project was in competition with 4 other communication campaigns.

  • NRG - Forward Thinking
  • Rosatom- The train of innovations
  • Austrian Nuclear Society - What happens when something happens?
  • Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation - ENEC

The participants of PIME voted for the winners. Congratulations to NRG, the Dutch nuclear research and consultancy group whose Forward Thinking communications campaign raise awareness among the public and politicians in the Netherlands of the role that nuclear technology plays in people's everyday lives, not just in terms of generating electricity but also by promoting human health and quality of life

3/ PIME was also a time for networking with colleagues from different countries in order to increase establish new WiN chapters and encourage existing ones to join  WiN Europe.

We were for example contacted to WiN Lithuania who showed interest in joining WiN Europe.

Kathe Sarpanta, Irene Aegerter, Anne-Marie Birac, Annick Carnino

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