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WiN Bulgaria with a new Management Board

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Just one day after the Women's holiday - 8th March the WiNners in Bulgaria conducted their General Assembly. The event was organized in a mountain resort in the Balkan Mountains and there were representatives from the three sections in Bulgaria - Kozloduy, Sofia and Belene.
The agenda included annual report of the activities of the association, financial report for 2011, the activities and events planned for 2012, some corrections and amendments in the form and text of the statute and elections of a new management board. In result the Association statute was polished, updated and made more precise.
The elections for the Management Board were conducted by secret ballot and the new management board includes:

  1. Radka Ivanova -President WiN-Bulgaria;
  2. Rumyana Stoyanova - Coordinator on International activities;
  3. Lyubka  Tsokova  - Secretary;
  4. Svetlana Genova - Kozloduy Chapter;
  5. Boyka Papazova - Sofia Chapter;
  6. Pepa Vasileva - Belene Chapter. 

 Members of the new Management Board - Luybka Tsokova, Radka Ivanova and Rumyana Stoyanova

Mrs. Katya Minkova: "When five years ago we re-established the organization, there were only 58 of us and today our number is 125 plus 32 members in our youth chapter. At the very beginning we were hardly recognizable, while now I can assure you that we are well-known both in Bulgaria and within the world organization. The WiN - Global conference which we hosted last year represented the culmination of this long process of self-assertion. We have always prioritized our activities with the young generation - both high-school students and university students. Now we can report on this area of our work as one of our most significant achievements since they are looking for our assistance and cooperation on different initiatives more and more often. I believe that in the course of these 5 years the organization has changed a lot, and I think that we have to build-up further on what has already been achieved in the educational structures and professional orientation and development of young people in sciences related to nuclear industry.  
Another main priority in our activity should be more active participation in the public debate on the development of nuclear industry and on the up-to-date issues on RAW management by focusing and emphasizing on expert's opinions and assessments. Of course there is a lot more to be done in the area of medicine and other applications of nuclear as well as in our work with the mass media.
I would like to wish to the new board of WiN-Bulgaria to achieve success and to work with great enthusiasm and the support of all Bulgarian WiNners of course. To all of you -wonderful ladies I would like to wish "Have a nice journey!"

The new President of WiN-Bulgaria Mrs. Radka Ivanova said:"I feel happy because so many people placed their trust on me. To be honest I thought that a younger person should be elected, and now I think that we have to encourage, attract and engage younger members of WiN to be more active in the events that we organize. We have accepted recently a lot of young people, so it will be nice to gain experience, to feel the responsibility and to ensure succession in the organization. I do share the priorities outlined by Katya Minkova. We've known each other for more than thirty years, we have studied together at the university and we have discussed our ideas about WiN in details many times. The new board of WiN-Bulgaria starts work upon a foundation already established, so we will try to build-up in the most appropriate beneficial way for the organization's objectives. I've been part of WiN initiatives for many years, and I can assure you that sometimes it is really hard, but the ladies have always invested al of their efforts which can be seen in the final result. And as far as the Board is concerned, I would like to say that I trust them completely and think of them as a team."

Pictures form the General Assembly.

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