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WiN Bulgaria and the World Water Day 2012

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The ladies from WiN Bulgaria, Kozloduy Chapter supported a forum about the World Water Day 2012 held on 22nd March 2012. It was organized by the largest school in the region and included presentations and discussions on water and chemistry, water and history, water and geography etc. There were of course dances, music, and arts competition on the subject of water of course.

The contribution of WiNners was a presentation on the applications of water in a nuclear power plant. The presentation was prepared especially for this event and it was given to the teachers and the members of our Young Generation Chapter to present it to their classmates and friends. The new members of the Young Generation Chapter received their WiN membership cards and badges.

The culmination of the event was the registration of the school for the International Water Bridge 2012 - Blue Cluster. It is an international youth movement which collects best practices, innovative ideas and concepts for water to be directed to politicians, mayors, experts, professionals and young people. By joining it the students support and look forward to establishing new opportunities and attracting a wide range of people applying healthy lifestyle through the water life force - at regional, national, Balkan, European and Global level.

You are here: News WiN Bulgaria and the World Water Day 2012