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WiN IAEA sponsor new WiNners!

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WiN IAEA was represented at this year’s annual WiN Global conference by five members: Gabi Voigt (WiN Europe Vice-President and WiN IAEA Executive Committee member); Eva Gyane (WiN IAEA President and WiN Global/Europe Executive); Elena Buglova (WiN IAEA Vice-President); Monica Sbaffoni (WiN IAEA Executive Committee member); and Yana Feldman (WiN IAEA Executive Committee member).

Gabi Voigt and Elena Buglova gave presentations during the conference and Elena Buglova and Monica Sbaffoni moderated two conference sessions. In addition, the IAEA sponsored the conference participation of ten women from developing countries. This initiative was very much appreciated and may help to increase the number of WiN Global/Europe chapters.

You are here: News WiN IAEA sponsor new WiNners!