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WiN presents at IYNC!

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Several members of WiN Europe and WiN Global will attend to the International Youth Nuclear Congress that will take place in Charlotte, USA between the 6th and the 10th of August.

WiN Europe will manage the workshop "Women Going Critical in Nuclear". With 50 participants expected, The "Women Going Critical in Nuclear" Workshop will focus on providing young women in nuclear with expert pieces of advice from experienced women leaders.  Each speaker will be asked to share their one, personal "golden rule" about being a woman, and building a career in nuclear.  It may be a lesson learned, important experience, or critical part of the speaker's daily routine.  This "golden rule" will be used to spark discussion on career ambitions, leadership experiences, and life/work balance.

The speakers are:
Carol Barajas (USA), Coleeen Sidford (Canada), Cristina Bucur (Romania), Rosa Yang (USA /Taiwan), Keiko Chitose (Japan / USA), Margaret Mkhosi (South Africa)

The International Youth Nuclear Congress was formed in 1997 by an international group of young nuclear professionals. They believed that young generation organizations around the world could be more effective in the communication and transfer of knowledge regarding all peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology if their efforts were integrated globally; thus, providing a platform for sharing ideas, transferring knowledge and creating an international think tank. After successful congresses in Slovakia (2000), South Korea (2002), Canada (2004), Sweden and Finland (2006), Switzerland (2008) and South Africa (2010), we expect over 600 young professionals from six continents to attend IYNC2012. This edition of the conference is a joint organization between IYNC and the North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NA-YGN).

You are here: News WiN presents at IYNC!