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WiN Europe at ENC Manchester

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The European Nuclear Society organizes every 2 years a major nuclear conference called ENC (European Nuclear Conference). The 2012 edition took place in Manchester between the 9th and the 12th of December. WiN Europe was highly involved in the preparation as a member of the programme committee. This conference was also an opportunity to strengthen our links with the European Young Generation Network (ENS-YG) as we co-organized 2 workshops.

WiN Europe has been a partner of the ENS-YG since 2011. A WiN representative is invited to participate to the Board meetings (called Core Committee Meeting - CCM) which take place 3 times per year and are the occasion of presenting a country report. The Third 2012 CCM was held on the 8th of December. The major topic of discussion was the organization of the next European Nuclear Young Generation Forum (ENYGF). The Forum will take place between the 16th and the 20th of June in Stockholm, Sweden. After the success of the WiN workshop this summer in the International Young Nuclear Congress (IYNC), WiN was again invited to stage this experience during this forum.
ENC Career Event
For the first time, ENS, in collaboration with WiN Europe, ENS-YG and the Nuclear Institute (UK Nuclear Society) organized a career event. Eight companies agreed to present themselves and interview more than 100 participants from all over Europe. This participants have between none to over 10 years of experience.
WiN Europe held a CV check workshop that was very popular. Indeed the participants were eager for advice on how to write their resumé and to present themselves in front of recruiters.
We had a great feedback from the participants who appreciated the opportunity to practice before their interview. ENS asked WiN Europe to renew and develop this workshop in future conferences.

Anne-Marie Birac and Sophie Prevot

Knowledge Transfer
WiN Europe was involve in 3 distinct events. Anne-Marie Birac from WiN France made a presentation on knowledge transfer in the ENS-YG workshop. This topic is always very popular as not only the industry, but also universities are doing a continuous job on how to efficiently transfer the knowledge to respond to widening of the generation Gap. WiN activities, all over the world, through mentoring of young women for example is contributing to reduce this gap.
At the same time, Sophie Prévot was co-chairing the Civil Society panel. It contributes to reinforce the role of WiN in public acceptance, communication and transparency.
WiN workshop
Anne-Marie also chaired the WiN Europe workshop. We had decided to tackle the very technical subject not often presented: "Nuclear installation safety -research laboratories and radioisotope production facilities: lessons learned from Fukushima". We had four speakers from the French Atomic Energy Commission and the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre. This workshop demonstrated that we should not forget that WiN members are experts in very technical fields and should be more represented in conferences.


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