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Safety and Security Workshop

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From left to right: Vesselina Ranguelova, Gabriele Voigt, Annick Carnino, Se Moon Park (WiN Global President), Bonnie Forster

A workshop was organized by WiN at PIME in Ljubljana on the 17th February.

PIME is the annual meeting of communicators in the nuclear sector (industry, research, medical applications, education). It is the international gathering of nuclear communications professionals.

The moderator of this workshop was Gabriele Voigt, Director Office of Analytical Services Department of Safeguards (International Atomic Energy Agency).

Three speakers shared their expertise and experience with the audience.

The first speaker, Annick Carnino, expert gave a complete view of the various instruments on which safety and security are based. Standards and conventions available internationally and approved internationally are the instruments on which safety and security should be based in the nuclear industry and applications. Some have been revised after the lessons learned from Fukushima. They are also used for performing safety and security reviews in the field which ensure their right implementation. ( To know more: annick carnino presentation.pdf )

The second speaker, Vesselina Ranguelova IAEA, developed the approach and results of the "stress tests which were carried in Europe after the Fukushima accident. Their completeness was recognized and helped to draw lessons on the necessary changes. It helped in reassuring the public on the seriousness of the operating or under construction NPPs. and transparency has been increasing public confidence ( To know more: PIME 2014 IAEA nuclear safety.pdf )

The third speaker, Bonnie Forster URENCO presented how the Nucleair Nederland Communications team is preparing for the communication and outreach for the Nuclear Security Summit to be held in 2014 in Den Hague. The topic is the security of fuel cycle installations. Bonnie asked a number of questions to the participants to determine what, how and when such public information on security should be delivered. ( To know more: WiN prezi.pdf )

The discussion with the audience was very active and lead to a very interactive session.


Part of the audience

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