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2015 Fem'Energia award

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Philippe SASSEIGNE (EDF/DPN) and Sophie LEMAIRE (Westinghouse) with the laureates

The 2015 fem'Energia award ceremony took place on the 15 of October :

  • the first prize : Mariana ASINARI (MOTT MC DONALD)
  • the second prize : Heather HALE (EDF Energy)
  • the third prize : Maria FLORESCU (RATEN CITON)

On this occasion, a round table was organized on « Nuclear for Climate ».

The participants were Cécile Laugier (Director of SEPTEN - EDF), Malgorzata Tkatchenko (CEA, Scientific Director), Valérie Faudon (Delegate General SFEN) and Dominique Mouillot (Président WiN France). They had the opportunity to emphazise the interest of women on the climate change and the fact that nuclear is part of the solution as stated in the declaration for climate signed by WiN Global members.

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