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WiN France 2011 General Assembly

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After WiN Normandy in 2010 in La Hague, the WiN France 2011 general assembly was organized in Marcoule by WiN Languedoc-Roussillon-Vallée du Rhône.

More than 70 members attended the meeting and participated to the technical tour in the afternoon. We were welcomed by M. Christian Bonnet who is the head of the CEA Marcoule centre. On this Centre one may find among others:

  • CEA research laboratories devoted to the fuel cycle,
  • The Melox Areva facility which delivers the MOX fuel,
  • Activities linked to the dismantling of old facilites such has graphite rectors, hot cells, ...  

The meeting room is part of the Visiatome exhibition Centre devoted to the management of waste. This Center is opened to the public ( It is located close by the newly created ICSM (Marcoule Institute for Separative Chemistry) The primary objective of the Institute thus is to bring out innovative processes and materials for the fuel cycle of the next "4th generation" nuclear plants in a sustainable development (

During the technical tour, the robots and different tools used for dismantling nuclear facilities were shown along with a visit to the reactor G2 building. 


Part of the audience


Dominique Mouillot - President, Martine Baronian - General Secretary, Nadia Langomazino - WiN Alpes Côte d'Azur

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