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The WiN Poland has been created in 2011. It’s a branch of the Polish Nuclear Society.

WiN Poland works for the peaceful uses of nuclear techniques in various fields of industry, medicine, agriculture, environmental protection and education with particular emphasis on the role of women in these disciplines. The basic objectives that the organization intends to achieve are: raising awareness about the use of nuclear technology, promoting professions related to nuclear technologies among women, finding measures to increase the attractiveness of careers in science and industry, especially among academia students, to facilitate access to a first job in the nuclear sector, enhancing participation of women in this sector, information about the challenges and benefits of nuclear technologies, promoting dialogue with the public in order to inform about the use of nuclear technology for the welfare of a man and society and exchange of experiences and knowledge between members of the association. WiN Poland achieves its aims through members’ involvement in activities promoting Polish Program of Nuclear Energy, workshops and lectures on nuclear topics aimed at women of different professions, children and primary school students, as well as senior citizens. As a branch of Polish Nuclear Society, WiN Poland assists in many actions of this organization.

Topics of interests are:

  • Nuclear techniques
  • Heritage preservation
  • Radiological protection
  • The impact of radiation on the environment
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Natural sources of radiation
  • Radioactive waste disposal and storage
  • Nuclear power


President: Grazyna Zakrzewska
Secretary: Agnieszka Jaworska
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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