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WiN-Bulgaria is an association that joins the efforts of women working professionally in the fields of nuclear power use and radiation application, women working in science, training and education in order to study, develop and utilize safely the achievements of nuclear engineering and nuclear technologies to the advantage of the society;
WiN-Bulgaria is a part of WiN-Global and WiN Europe.


News & Activities

Our objectives

  • To contribute to the promotion, popularization and wide spread of knowledge and ideas in the area of nuclear technologies and application of radiation/nuclear applications.
  • To support the impartial providing of information and addressing  the general public and the female public in particular on issues concerning nuclear power engineering and radiation protection, the control of the environment status, environment protection and remediation;
  • To unite the efforts of pro active in the use of nuclear energy and radiation application in science, education and medicine to the study, development and safe use of nuclear achievements technologies for the benefit of society.
  • To promote and spread the achievements of nuclear technologies in the educational system and preparation of workforce, thus to direct and coordinate the coming generation to learn these technologies.


Our actions

  • Contribution to the development of nuclear technologies in Bulgaria and all over the world;
  • Provision of forecasts, statements, assessments and recommendations with regard to the scientific, engineering and environmental development of the country, promoting the good practices of the international experience;
  • Rendering nuclear industry into an attractive area for professional realization of young people by joining the activities of governmental and nongovernmental organizations and business companies; the cooperation between WiN and the schools results in job orientation in nuclear industry;
  • Increasing the knowledge level of WIN Bulgaria members, using interactive approaches; 
  • Organizing mobile workshops for students on subjects related to NPPs; thematic competitions on nuclear industry, youth sport events organized under the aegis of our association, making promoting the activities of women working in the nuclear sector.


Our Website

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